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CARES is dedicated to providing loving, humane care, and support that includes foster and adoption services for animals, while also educating current and future pet owners in animal care.


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We offer different ways that the community can partner with CARES to take action.

Without a committed team of staff, volunteers, and community members, we know that the dedication and efforts to rescue animals in Solano County with CARES would not be possible.

Contact us now to see where you can help, or check out our areas of need below.

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As fosters or adopters, we often say that we're lucky to have our fur friends in our lives. At CARES, we know that our rescues are equally as lucky to have you as well - the transformation of our animals happiness is almost overnight! Visit our Adoption Gallery below to see available dogs, or contact us at info@caresforanimals.org for general adoption and foster inquiries.

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For any inquiries regarding adoptions, fosters, volunteer opportunities, and events, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that due to COVID and the recent fires, the turnaround for inquiries is a bit delayed. Thank you.